Flockeo platform

How to guarantee the sustainability of a tourist destination?

Environmental pressure induced by overtourism

The exponential increase of tourists and the growing difficulties faced by local authorities in the preservation of an over-frequented area are major issues. Global organizations such as the UN and UNESCO are engaged in global thinking to limit destructive effects of te overtourism

FLOCKEO platform an innovative solution

With satellite data, connect travelers to sustainable tourism. An editorial ecosystem to create the eco-tourism community and quickly create a commitment with a differentiating and innovative approach.

Flockeo sustainable tourism

Travel experiences

Travelers will be able to choose sustainable tourism professionals and share circuits with little traffic between them.

Geospatial indicators

Travel professionals will benefit from a strong brand image and earn money without intermediation.

Illustration source : ESA - Semarang, Indonesia

Tourism matters more than you imagine

Using satellite data and combining them with various tourism data could ensure that ecotourism will become a large-scale tourism accessible to many communities, regions and countries worldwide.

Illustration source : UNWTO