MURMURATION SAS, a digital and environmental agency for tourism professionals

Al strategic management of the customer relationship is a considerable asset. In a context of globalized markets and competition with customers with more omplex and professional purchasing behaviors, the environment can be a criterion of choice that is becoming a priority for your customers.
We have developed a service based on satellite data that will allow you to :
Reduce their environmental impact and integrate a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach in your organization.
Maintain an ongoing commitment withyour target audiences through the design of multichannel communication and marketing strategies (offline / online)
Animate a community dedicated to sustainable tourism: travelers, tourism professionals, public organizations, communities and associations.

Support your growth strategy

MURMURATION SAS provides services to implement your sustainable growth strategy and create an engaging relationship with your target audiences. We help you define a collective project that will mobilize and give meaning to all your stakeholders. Create a real catalyst for energy and growth, dare a real transformation and commit to a better world!

Case studies: satellite indicators and sustainable tourism

Satellite data combined with other types of data address two major issues facing sustainable tourism stakeholders : enabling tourism destinations to operate and grow healthy, dispersing visitors throughout the year and geographically to decrease the pressure of urban centers and to bring economic benefits to communities beyond tourist hot spots.

  • green tech tourism
    Bali, un tourisme en plein essor. Comment faire face à la pression environnementale ? 1/2
  • Bali, un tourisme en plein essor. Comment faire face à la pression environnementale ? 2/2
  • tourisme durable
    Le tourisme a-t-il besoin d'un réveil écologique ?

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