Calendar : 01/01/2021 – 31/12/2023

Objectives of the DeepCube project

DeepCube is a European project funded by the European Commission for 3 years. The project brings together a consortium of 12 partners led by NOA (National Observatory of Athens), including public institutions, universities and industry.

It aims to develop a platform for the acquisition and processing of spatial data that can host applications using the cloud, big-data technologies and artificial intelligence to offer innovative services.

Summary of the Murmuration's study

Within the consortium, Murmuration proposes a use case of the DeepCube platform on the construction of a system to assess the ecological impact of tourism in Brazil.

Murmuration contributes to the acquisition and pre-processing of relevant satellite data, which are then coupled with tourist frequentation data. Ultimately, the objective is to detect correlations between the two variables using artificial intelligence.

In general, Murmuration contributes to the development of the DeepCube platform by participating in the integration between the platform and the use cases and by providing feedback to the platform's development team.

Benefits and impacts of the Deepcube project

This project increases the capacity to process and analyse large volumes of Copernicus data, with tools that demonstrate their applicability in real contexts.