Calendar : 01/01/2022 – 31/12/2022


Objectives of the E-shape project

The E-Shape project is part of the European Horizon Europe project, funded by the European Commission (EC). The objective of Murmuration's participation is to establish a link between human activities and air quality and to support decision making with concrete data.

Summary of the Murmuration's study

Within a large consortium of industrial and scientific players, Murmuration is developing an approach based on artificial intelligence techniques to improve the accuracy of air quality measurements by satellite, using in-situ sensors, in particular the sensor network of the ICOS (Integrated Carbon Observation System) research infrastructure. The idea is to develop daily CO and CO2 measurements with high resolution (1 km*1 km) and global coverage.

Benefits and impacts of the E-Shape project

Air quality monitoring and action are essential to improve the quality of life of citizens, reduce health risks and threats to ecosystems. This study allows decision-makers to assess the scope of their daily actions and provides them with the tools to best deploy their resources (human and material).

In addition, this study will improve knowledge and skills in coupling in situ and satellite resources to obtain high-resolution observations.

Finally, the project contributes to the improvement of knowledge and awareness of the general public on ambient air quality. This allows a better understanding of local/regional challenges and trade-offs between socio-economic gains and environmental consequences.