FASEP Wild Immersion

FASEP Wild Immersion

Calendar : 01/06/2020 – 30/11/2020


Objectives of the FASEP Wild Immersion project

Within the framework of a FASEP project, Wild Immersion proposes a project of a travelling vehicle in Serbia to educate the local population about the environment and the protection of animal species. They are looking for a proposal for a fun activity that can be integrated into the vehicle, bringing an additional added value to the objective of raising awareness.

Summary of Murmuration's study

Murmuration's contribution includes a gamification interface, targeting the young audience, based on a map presenting the "health" status of the whole territory of Serbia. This map is based on 4 indicators calculated thanks to satellite data from the European Copernicus programme; ecological potential (measurement of vegetation, its health and density), proximity to protected areas, land use and finally threatened species. Ces indicateurs permettent d’établir un score environnemental par zones géographiques. 

This information is then made fun with an attractive background map, clickable areas detailing more information, and a tactile route to get from point A to point B on the map, with the aim of getting the "greenest" path.

Benefits and impacts of the FASEP Wild Immersion project

The aim of this study is mainly educational. It allows the young generation to be made aware of the richness of their environmental heritage through factual information on its state.