Calendar : 01/01/2021 – 31/12/2022

Objectives of the STI project

The STI project is funded by ESA under the Integrated Applications Promotion (IAP) programme. This programme aims to provide financial support to companies carrying out projects promoting space technologies and services. 

Summary of the Murmuration's study

The objective of STI is to develop indicators to measure the environmental impact of tourism for institutions in charge of managing tourism activity. The environmental indicators cover different themes: air and atmosphere, water, biodiversity and vegetation, soils and quantification of tourism activity.

First, a feasibility study is carried out. It allows the relevance of the approach to be demonstrated and the steps required to achieve it to be detailed. It is also during this stage that the scope of the indicators to be developed is defined.

Then follows the demonstration phase, with the aim of developing the system based on a Copernicus cloud DIAS platform (Wekeo), hosting the application and facilitating access to Copernicus spatial data.

The last step, the realisation phase, consists in setting up use cases to develop and improve the prototype. Murmuration is working with two pilot users: the city of Marseille, and the travel operator Segittur in Spain.

Benefits and impacts of the STI project

The aim of the STI project is to create an industrial system for calculating environmental impact indicators. Ultimately, this will enable tourism stakeholders to benefit from clear information on the subject and thus integrate ecological considerations into the tourism sector.