Calendar : 01/11/2021 – 01/11/2022

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Objectives of Traqpoll

The Traqpoll project, financed by the CNES as part of the recovery plan, consists of setting up a model of a system for monitoring pollution and its impact on the study area.

Summary of the Murmuration study

With the help of two partners, Water Robotics & Beeguard, Murmuration is developing a unique observation service to identify the causes of pollution and its evolution. This service is based on the optimal use of 3 technologies:

  • Satellite observations to provide quantification and global monitoring over the entire territory with daily revisits.
  • The drone boat to carry out water quality sampling in a punctual manner and thus complement and calibrate the satellite measurements with better resolved data.
  • Connected beehives deployed in key areas to quantify the impact of observed events on the environment and biodiversity.

Murmuration relies on its partners for the boat drone and connected hive technologies, and takes care of the access and processing of satellite data as well as the integration of all data into an online interactive dashboard.

The Traqpoll project is carried out on the site of the Étang de Vic, a coastal lagoon located between Montpellier and Sète.

Benefits and impacts of the Traqpoll Project

The benefits of this study are major because the measurement of air quality and water quality are two vital issues for our health and our planet.
Today the service is operational and commercialised.