MURMURATION SAS is a start-up active in the environment sector 

MURMURATION SAS goal is to deliver B2B and consulting services in the Greentech, Tourism and Renewable energies domains, by providing customized analyzes and platforms based on a combination of environmental, earth observation data and open data.

Environmental studies to reduce impacts of overtourism

Environmental studies

Provide impact studies based on cross analysis of satellite Earth observation data and tourism databases.

Flockeo, a web patform dedicated to sustainable tourism

Flockeo, fair travel around the world

Develop a web platform dedicated to sustainable tourism in order to bring together all the stakeholders and to make visible the results of the impact studies.

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Our activities have a cultural, green and high-tech dimension

Connecting travelers and sites. MURMURATION makes collaborative social impact accessible by empowering individuals, organizations, and businesses to transform communities and the environments around them. To make this mission possible, we are creating an ecosystem of platforms that allows you to start making an impact today.

The term Murmuration describes the phenomenon by which starlings gather spontaneously in the air, usually in a defense mechanism when there is a predator. Their goal is to defend themselves collectively against an external danger. Our approach is part of the desire to design cooperative, resilient and sustainable communities to fight climate change effects.

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