Calendar : 01/06/2021 – 01/06/2023


Objectives of the SDM project

The SDM project is led by CNES as part of the French recovery plan, involving a consortium of 10 partners led by the company Dawex. The idea of the project is to create a marketplace facilitating access to space data by providing an environment for exchanging and sharing data, with the ultimate goal of fostering innovation and value creation.

Summary of the Murmuration's study

Murmuration contributes to the project by developing a use case, aiming to provide a generic environmental monitoring dashboard. This dashboard is based on spatial data (Murmuration indicators), Orange Flux Vision data (measurement of tourist flows) and other complementary socio-economic data from the Space Data Marketplace. The objective is to provide an environmental management service with the following functionalities:

  • Visualising the environmental situation in the target area.
  • Provide a view on future trends and points of vigilance.
  • Correlation between human activity and the environmental situation/

As a data provider on the SDM platform, Murmuration also contributes to the testing of the data dissemination services set up, and provides operational feedback.

Benefits and impacts of the SDM project

This study provides concrete tools for decision-makers (private or public) to understand the dynamics of the environment and how the actions they implement modify sustainable development, positively or negatively.