Ecological Transition Workshops

Ecological Transition Workshops

In the continuity of its actions in favor of the environment, Murmuration has chosen to offer its customers workshops on 2 of the most recognized training courses in terms of awareness and generation of action plans: The Climat Fresk and 2Tonnes.

Based on IPCC* science data, these immersive workshops invite you to:

Follow company this movement by mobilizing your teams
Prove your commitment internally and to your partners
Raise awareness among your teams in record time despite the complexity of the subject
Explore your capacity to act and the levers of action available to you
Initiate a virtuous dynamic and your adaptation strategies

If you entrust us with the deployment of these workshops within your company, you will benefit from:

A group cohesion on a complex subject through recognized tools
A professional facilitator in the Sustainable travel industry
A business expertise of the Murmuration team entirely focused on innovation and decision support

These rates include:

The coordination and preparation of the event (pedagogical framing, logistics)
The tailor-made adaptation of the process and addition of specific elements to the pedagogical specifications and / or the activity of the company
The intervention of a professional facilitator of the chosen workshop