What is essential in your growth strategy and sustainable development? Spatial data

Spatial data are used in several fields (industrial, scientific …) and even in our daily lives. Satellite data enhanced our knowledge of the Earth planet and allow us to act for saving biodiversity in various scales. In the field of sustainable tourism, it is undoubtedly an essential factor to impement in a growth and sustainable strategy, at the scale of a country, a city or a specific area.

Satellite data are difficult to use in their raw format. Transformed into interactive maps, satellite images, geo-localized points or statistical infographics, satellite data are essential tools for travelers and travel professionals. We use them daily to find a map, locate tourist routes, book accommodations and plan activities. Whether in the context of leisure tourism or business tourism, sustainable tourism is an inclusive approach necessary for the future of the planet, as well as for the future generations.

Why are satellites so useful for sustainable tourism? To describe it simply, satellites will allow us to create tools to fully account for current and future social and environmental impacts. They meet the needs of travelers, professionals and local or government actors who implement sustainable development strategies. In the tourism sector, satellite data can be combined in an analysis tool for a dedicated area (for example on a territory scale). They bring reliable and credible information to help decision making and also to raise awareness and inform about the impact of over-tourism. Today, these impacts are known, as often shown in the media, but not sufficiently quantified. What is measurable and quantifiable is easier to manage and coordinate.

Animated map on the evolution of water consumption associated with tourism, Bali, 1975-2015, ©Murmuration
Animated map on the evolution of water consumption associated with tourism.

See the stydy case : Bali, a tourism booming. How to deal with the environmental pressure?

MURMURATION SAS offers solutions to manage your environmental impact. We help public and private organizations to set up a sustainable growth strategy and create an engaging relationship with their audiences. We help them define a collective project that will mobilize and give meaning to all stakeholders. It is really about creating a catalyst for energy and growth, to dare a real transformation and to commit to a better world! It is an ambitious program and we intend to lead it.

Copyright photo NASA – Great Exuma Island, The Bahamas