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Murmuration – Measure, plan et monitor your actions with reliable and transparent data

MURMURATION’s objective is to place the environmental dimension at the core of every decision. In order to do so, the company has developed a methodology that combines data from Earth observation satellites, such as the Copernicus satellites, with in-situ data and socio-economic statistics, to assess the state of an ecosystem anywhere in the world. Using this capability, they provide information to a wide range of users, including policy makers, decision-makers, and the general public.

By Easy Engineering Mag

Five ‘rising star’ start-ups win €100,000 each from EU space competition

A start-up called Murmuration won funding for its idea to monitor tourism’s environmental impact using satellite data. Ajuma impressed for its idea of using satellite data to monitor UV rays to prevent skin cancer, while J-Snow will use data to monitor snowfall in near real time at high resolution.

By Blathnaid O’Dea

Overtourism is harming the climate. What can be done about it?

In France, the EU-funded initiative Climate-KIC has launched Murmuration, a start-up that combines environmental studies and a web platform, Flockeo, to provide reliable indicators of a tourist destination’s impact on the environment and climate. This can be useful for the tourism industry, municipal authorities and tourists themselves, who are increasingly aware of the damaging environmental impact of their trips.

By Dave Keating

UNWTO unveils winning start-ups for Awake Tourism Challenge

The Challenge was the second edition of the UNWTO Global Startup Competition focusing on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Entrants were judged on how they are contributing to the development of an inclusive, resilient and sustainable tourism sector, with a focus on six core themes such as, Local Community Involvement, Green and Blue Economies, Ecological and Sustainable Capital Creation, Tourism Tech for Good, Tourism Education, and Women Empowerment.

By Maria Diamond

UNWTO annouces winning start-ups for "Awake Tourism Challenge"

The competition attracted more than 2,000 entrants from 120 countries worldwide. The most submissions were from Europe, the Americas and Africa, followed by Asia and the Pacific and the Middle East. From these, an expert jury selected 30 finalists and then 15 winners.


Harnessing satellites for sustainable travel

A new platform combines satellite and statistical data to provide users with information on environmental, social, and economic indicators for popular destinations. For a travel professional, sustainable tourism is about working with local communities to create opportunities that are good for both the planet and the people who live on it. It’s about being conscious of the impact of our actions on the environment and on local cultures, and doing what we can to minimise that impact.

By Spring Wise

Measuring the environmental impact of tourism using indicators

Murmuration service provides a way to measure and monitor environmental pressure caused by tourism activities and deliver it to all the stakeholders. Murmuration’s indicators cover different themes: air and atmosphere, water, biodiversity and vegetation, soils and quantification of tourism activity.

By Weekeo

Space data to make the tourism industry sustainable

Murmuration’s mission is to use satellite data and green technology to address several major issues facing sustainable tourism professionals: enabling tourism destinations to operate and grow, reducing the pressure of urban centres, and bringing economic benefits to communities beyond tourist hotspots. To do so, Murmuration developed a dashboard for decision makers and tourists professionals where environmental impacts indicators can be continuously monitored.

By Eurisy

Sustainable tourism: a rating system for destinations!

We have a long way to go, and the awareness of professionals is just as slow. It is even slower than Cathy Sahuc, co-founder of Murmuration, had hoped. While the start-up is growing steadily and has a good image with institutions in the sector, private players are more reticent.

By Romain Pommier

Septuors Haute-Garonne 2023: find out all about the winners

Set up in March 2019 around two co-founders Tarek Habib and Cathy Sahuc, with backgrounds in the space industry (Atos and CLS), start-up Murmuration provides B2B and consultancy services in the tourism sector, in the form of customised analyses and a visualisation platform based on earth observation systems.

By Gil Bousquet

Tourism and Leisure Awards: Between sustainability and new projects, tourism reinvents itself

MURMURATION, satellite imagery at the service of sustainable tourism. Created in March 2019 around two co-founders Tarek Habib and Cathy Sahuc, who come from the space industry (Atos and CLS), the start-up Murmuration provides B2B and consultancy services in the field of tourism, in the form of customised analyses and a visualisation platform based on earth observation systems.

By La Dépêche

Environment: Murmuration, committed to sustainable tourism

What impact does tourism have on the climate and biodiversity of our regions? To answer these questions, Cathy Sahuc and Tarek Habib set up Murmuration in 2019. The company uses satellite data to help decision-makers limit the regional impact of tourism. Interview with Cathy Sahuc, President and co-founder of Murmuration.


"Numerus clausus" for tourists: a new tool to combat overcrowding

Last summer, for the first time, a small revolution was introduced in the Parc national des Calanques in Marseille. Access to the Sugiton and Pierres tombées coves, which are usually crowded, was limited to a maximum of 400 people, with reservations for up to 2,500 per day. Trampling vegetation, rubbish, traffic jams… the park has said stop and can breathe again.

By Sandy Dauphin

A Toulouse-based company is observing the effects of tourism on our environment

Toulouse-based Murmuration analyses satellite images of the Earth to understand the effects of tourism on our ecosystem. It provides local authorities with information on biodiversity, air quality and soil quality, based on tourist numbers.

By Marion Chantreau

Sustainable tourism. Murmuration takes flight

Murmuration, a Toulouse-based start-up, uses Earth observation data to design a dashboard that enables local authorities to rethink their tourism policies in the light of global warming. The tool has won a prize from the World Tourism Organisation.

By Mathias Hardoy

Mastering tourism thanks to a Toulouse start-up!

A start-up from Toulouse is one of the 15 winners of a competition organised by the World Tourism Organisation – focus on Murmuration. Interview with its founder, Cathy Sahuc

By Klervie Vappreau

Two French start-ups win the Awake Tourism challenge

To promote more resilient and responsible tourism, the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) is organising its Awake Tourism challenge for the second time.

By Juliette Pic

Sustainable tourism: Toulouse start-up wins award for preventing the damage caused by overfrequentation

Murmuration, a start-up from Toulouse, has won the “Awake tourism challenge” organised by the World Tourism Organisation. This is the second edition of this global competition, which aims to promote sustainable development.

By Adrien Marchand

Toulouse start-up Murmuration fights against the environmental impact of tourism

Based in Toulouse for more than three years, the Murmuration start-up is developing a map that indicates the maximum number of tourists that a natural site can accommodate, without having a negative impact on the environment.

By Alix Drouillet

Will satellite imagery help fight overtourism?

Murmuration is a Toulouse-based start-up that gathers data from satellite images and makes it available to the tourism industry for sustainability purposes. After being selected by the CNES in a call for projects, the start-up wants to develop a solution that can be used to define a threshold for tourist numbers in order to preserve protected areas or destinations. Interview with Cathy Sahuc, co-founder and COO of Murmuration.

By Margot Ladiray

Coming soon: a map showing the environmental carrying capacity of tourist sites in Occitanie

Toulouse-based start-up Murmuration has just won a contract from the CNES to use satellite data to create a map showing the maximum number of tourists a destination can accommodate without damaging the environment (air and water quality, vegetation, etc.).

By Florine Galéron

With Flockeo, Murmuration is a candidate for the Césars for Responsible Travel

Murmuration – and by extension its Flockeo brand – is a candidate for the Césars for Responsible Travel. On this occasion, we asked Cathy Sahuc, its co-founder, the same questions as the other participants: what values and practices would she like to highlight?

By Juliette Pic

Tech for Good: Murmuration uses artificial intelligence to map the impact of tourism

On Tuesday 27 September, Tarek Habib, CEO and co-founder of Murmuration, spoke about his company’s activities on the Tech & Co programme presented by François Sorel.


By François Sorel

Some examples of initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of tourism

Murmuration, a Toulouse-based consultancy, uses satellite, air quality and biodiversity data to provide a better understanding of tourist flows and map the impact of tourism on a given area. Murmuration is aimed at companies, local authorities and international organisations. It is currently working with Malta’s Ministry of Tourism, among others.


Tourism: some examples of environmental initiatives

Murmuration, a Toulouse-based engineering consultancy, uses satellite data on air quality and biodiversity to provide a better understanding of tourist flows and map the impact of tourism on a given area. Murmuration is aimed at companies, local authorities and international organisations. It is currently working with Malta’s Ministry of Tourism, among others.

By Rédaction ID

Three green technology start-ups to follow in the tourism sector

Murmuration is a greentech that aims to offer advice and services in the world of tourism. Indeed, thanks to their platform for travellers, Flockeo, the pursuit of sustainable tourism. Flockeo is a booking site where you can find ethical and sustainable holidays.

By Gwendal Gaillard

Murmuration, a new gaze on tourism

Since 2019, Murmuration has been working with stakeholders in the tourism sector to raise their awareness of their environmental impact. Local authorities, professionals and tourists themselves can now see the pressures on the region, so they can act accordingly.

By Pauline Ferraz

Podcast: Cathy Sahuc, co-founder of Murmuration-Flockeo

Murmuration-Flockeo is a system that provides access to management tools and reports to measure real impacts and propose effective, quantifiable actions with environmental indicators based on satellite data.

By Tourmag & (X)périentiel

Murmuration (Cathy Sahuc), nominated for a César: satellite data for understanding and action

Murmuration is a candidate for the Césars for Responsible Travel. Co-founder Cathy Sahuc spoke to (X)perientiel about her vision of responsible travel and Murmuration’s mission. Presentation.

By Juliette Pic

"Without teleworking opportunities, some people don't even apply": Ultra-flexibility is the key to retaining young graduates

Since the Covid-19 epidemic, ‘hybrid’ working, combining distance and face-to-face work, has become the norm for young graduates, who have no hesitation in turning down jobs if they are not offered this option.

By Jessica Gourdon

Murmuration: space conquers green tourism

The Toulouse-based company collects spatial data, which it links to tourism data so that local institutions can analyse the issues and take action.

By Juliette Pic

European Cassini Hackathon: registration now open

The Open Tourisme Lab and Murmuration have been selected by the European Commission to organise the French edition of the 3rd European Cassini Hackathon. The event will take place at the Open Tourisme Lab (OTL), in Nîmes, from 7pm on 12 May to 6pm on 14 May. It will also be held simultaneously in nine other European countries.

By Linda Lainé

The talent: Flockeo, a platform to connect travellers to sustainable tourism launched by Murmuration, by Lorraine Goumot

On Thursday 24 March, Lorraine Goumot interviewed Cathy Sahuc, CEO of Murmuration. She talked to us about the concept of Flockeo, a platform that her group has just launched to connect travellers to sustainable tourism.

By Lorraine Goumot

Challenge Tourisme Innov' 2021: and the winners are...

Based on the use of multi-source data, the solution combines economic, social and environmental indicators to provide a 360° view of a region’s sustainable development, enabling the implementation of policies and strategies aimed at maximising the positive contribution of tourism and minimising its negative effects.

By La Rédaction

Podcast: learning about sustainable tourism with Tarek Habib

We meet Tarek Habib, CEO of Murmuration – Flockeo, who shares with us how learning to travel responsibly involves examining the advantages and disadvantages of tourism  and choosing the best option.

By François Huet

Open Tourisme Lab announces the winners of its new class of innovative start-ups

Voyageons Autrement has chosen three of the most inspiring to present to you. Happy House, the first responsible tourist accommodation chain, Wild Immersion, a virtual reality film production company offering immersions in nature reserves, and Murmuration, which aims to improve sustainable tourism using satellite data.

By Elisabeth Blanchet

Murmuration: how can satellite imagery make tourism more sustainable?

The crisis is here, but after the storm there is ALWAYS sunshine. And with the return of the sun, tourism is set to embark on the road to sustainability. The Murmuration start-up is proposing to use satellite imagery and a wealth of data to make travel facilities and operators more sustainable and respectful of the environment. How does Murmuration work? We’ll tell you all about it!

By La Rédaction

Occitanie FrenchTech: in Nîmes, the Open Tourism Lab unveils its promotion for 2020

The Nimes-based incubator dedicated to innovation in the tourism sector is welcoming 15 new start-ups selected from all over France.

By Gil Martin

Satellites: a valuable tool for reducing the impact of tourism

It’s a fact: there are more and more tourists, and the phenomenon spares no region of the globe. Mass tourism is linked to the emergence of the ‘new rich’ and a growing population, and it’s not without its problems. First and foremost: the impact on the environment.

By Julie Philippe