Calendar : 01/01/2021 – 01/04/2021

Objectives of the MTA

The MTA is a project to set up an interactive dashboard to monitor the environmental impact of tourism on the island of Malta. 

(Dashboard extract from MTA Project, ©Murmuration)

(Dashboard extract from MTA Project, ©Murmuration)

Summary of the Murmuration study

The project consists of a series of performance indicators, key to monitoring the development of the tourism sector. They are calculated using various data sources (satellite observations, national statistical data from NSO, or other external sources such as OpenStreetMap)

Among these indicators we find environmental indicators (water quality, air quality, urbanisation, soil moisture, vegetation…), and tourism related indicators (tourist infrastructure, number of visitors…)

Ultimately, these indicators are used to study the environmental impact of tourism developments in an area and to assess the penetration of tourist accommodation in residential areas.

Benefits and impacts of MTA project

This study allows the Ministry of Tourism of Malta to understand and monitor the dynamics and trends of tourism, but also to support the monitoring and implementation of their medium and long term tourism strategy.